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Lady Luckie

Lady Luckie LLC was created by owner and CEO Shemika Bryant.  Shemika is a native of Atlanta, GA and a graduate of Alabama State University.  She has a B.A. degree in Communication Radio/TV Broadcasting, which she earned in July 2004.  Shemika created the name Lady Luckie because of her love for ladybugs.  She has always had a “Passion for Fashion” since she was a little girl.  When she was younger, she shopped and would come home and draw sketches of clothes.  Shemika believes no woman should leave home without the right accessories to compliment her clothes because the accessories should bring out the flare in her outfit.

Shemika has been searching for her niche for some time.  She believes everyone should follow their dreams and be happy, as well as, be successful in all that they do.  Her vision has always been to work in the industry and network with others that have similar goals and ambitions.  Her vision would lead her to work as an actress and to become a leader in the fashion world.  Her previous job experiences have been in retail, customer service, bartending, sales, and teaching. 

Shemika was raised to become an independent strong women and that is shown through the strength she portrays to her fellow peers.  She loves to help others and also to surround herself with positive people.  Her future goal is to offer etiquette classes and mentor young girls ages 10-18.  This Lady Luckie Organization is called Lady Luckie Girly Club.  This is one of the few ways Shemika will give back to the community.  She strongly believes in mentoring the younger generation and helping them understand their future is important.  She is currently owner and etiquette coach for Lady Luckie Girly Club.

Shemika decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business and she has been successful in it so far.  She started selling jewelry at a church carnival and now she has created her online shopping network, where she sales jewelry accessories, hair décor for girls and t-shirt apparel.  The website is and it is designed for women to shop in the comfort of their homes.  Please check out the website for upcoming events and find out if Lady Luckie will be in your area. 

Please enjoy the website, we appreciate your presence!  

Owner & CEO Shemika Bryant

Lady Luckie LLC        

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